Professional Hair Stylist

Are You In Search Of A Professional Hair Stylist? Find the ONE!

Professional Hair Stylist

In search of a professional hair stylist? We give you some useful tips to make it easier for you to guess if you are thinking of changing hairdresser. ‘What hairdresser do you recommend? ‘I’ve been told about this hairdresser- do you think I’ll like it?’ These are some of the most common questions we overhear. And it is not easy to find our ideal hair stylist. The first thing- the desirable palate! Sometimes, we when we are testing hairdressers, it seems that the stylist and we spoke different languages. We do not understand each other and try hard to explain what we want, even if it’s very clear. With the help of the experts of hairdressing salons, we are going to give you a series of tips so that, next time, you get it right!

  1. Understand yourself with the hairdresser

Many of you know the trends by heart thanks to websites and style magazines, we do not always have clear terms. But, do you know what cut will suit your face? Is it a bob, degraded or wavy? Maybe not! Hence, when the hairdresser finishes, you end up with an unsatisfactory cut that was not what you expected. Therefore, instead of using terms that you may not control, explain just what you like and what you do not. Your hair stylist will understand and try to be more precise about cutting, combing, etc. It is always good to dedicate a few minutes of dialogue with the hairdresser, clarifying from the beginning all the doubts and allowing you also to work more confident in what you are going to do. Keep in mind that a good professional does not start cutting without first studying the features, the texture of the hair and the personal style of each woman. Before making an appointment, you can also accompany a friend to see if she convinces you.

  1. If you hit the nail on the head, be faithful!

Always go to the same hairdresser, once we have full confidence in them. It is essential, since hair stylists need time to get to know you, your hair, your tastes, etc. to satisfy you. Also, ask your stylist for different hair care products in the market that can help you take care of your hair.

  1. Never decide on the fly

Any change is a risk if you have not meditated before. Fortunately, the hair grows, and it is moldable, but better to take it clear. If you have doubts, you can show some photos with the chosen hairstyle or cut, since an image says more than a thousand words. The same at the time of entering a hairdressing salon do not get involved in the first one you find, without first investigating a bit. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to carry out small field research to select the professional hair stylist who can best adapt to your style and personality.

  1. Listen to your stylist

Keep in mind that he/she is the expert and you are in their hands! Your advice can be handy in case the chosen cut is not right for your face or for the quality of your hair or the little time you have to fix it. It is also crucial that you know that both a good cut and a good color enhance your image, but they do not work miracles, so you do not have to ask for the impossible either. Not always the cut that you like the most is the one that favors you the most. 

  1. And, after?

Do not leave the salon without being sure you know how to recreate the hairstyle at home -how to comb it and how to keep it- unless you are willing to go to the hairdresser to wash and mark three times a week. Most of the times after specific treatments, you may feel dry hair. Ask your stylist to recommend you the best shampoo for dry, damaged hair.


What it takes to become a professional celebrity stylist

In recent years, professional stylists have come out of the wings to become full-fledged stars. You can look for Kate Young, the stylist of Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson and Margot Robbie, with 300k followers only on Instagram. Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski, with their television shows in which they unravel how they approach red carpets. But glamorous as it seems to be the person responsible for the red carpet looks of actresses or a fabulous fashion editorial in a chic magazine, will confess that the daily demands of this craft are far from such presumption.