Things To Know

Are you looking for a new hairdresser? Sure, you can stop by any mom-and-pop shop or chain salon to get a hair-Do, but do you really feel confident?

1. Ask Around

Your friends, family members and coworkers can offer valuable advice on finding a new salon. Try asking a friend (or maybe even a complete stranger) whose hairstyle you particularly like. Ask around and see which salons people recommend most. If the name of a particular salon or stylist keeps coming up, consider it a good sign.

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2. Call the stylist

Once you’ve gathered recommendations for a few salons, give them a call. The best hair salons care about customer service and how their salon comes across on the phone. How does the receptionist treat you? Does the receptionist take the time to talk to you about the different stylists at the salon and try to match one with your personal taste? It doesn’t automatically mean you should cross the salon off your list if a receptionist gives you the cold shoulder, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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3. Book A Consultation

Many salons offer consultations where you can talk to the stylist about your hair and your ideas for a cut. If any of the salons on your list offer this service, take advantage of it. It gives you a chance to try out your new hairdresser risk-free. If your chosen salons don’t offer a consultation, book a test run, such as a blowout or treatment, to get your feet wet.

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4. Visit The Salon

When you visit the salon, make sure to check out the décor and the other customers. Does the décor match your personal style? Typically, a salon’s outward appearance reflects the type of cuts their stylists provide. If you want an edgy, modern look, keep an eye out for sleek furniture and minimalist décor. In addition, check out the clientele. What type of cuts do other customers ask for? Do they look happy when they leave?

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5. Ask Questions

The consultation provides you with an opportunity to get to know your stylist, so fire up the questions. Talk about your hair, your likes, and the way your hair behaves. Do you get along with the stylist and feel like you have a good rapport? Make sure you feel comfortable talking about your expectations. You want someone who gets you and your personal tastes, so don’t hold back.

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6. Don’t Be Afraid To Switch

So you booked your first blowout or cut and hated it? Don’t worry – you’re not locked into the salon for life. Sometimes you just have to try out a few hairdressers before you find the right one. If you don’t completely love your look after a visit or two, just switch.

When looking for a new stylist, take the time to ask for recommendations and research a few salons. It’s well worth the effort when you finally find a fabulous hairdresser who understands your hair and style.

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