Why Keratin Treatments Are Forever Trending In Salons

Why Keratin Treatments Are Forever Trending In Salons

Professional Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that generates our body with a very resistant structure, but from which we produce very little. Thanks to the keratin treatments we can help to repair and nourish our hair from the roots to the tips and also to avoid curling in manes without defined curl. The most outstanding feature of the keratin treatment is the repair of the fibers of the hair, nourishing it from the roots to the ends and giving it a stunning and silky appearance. Also, it protects it from external agents such as dryers, hair irons or chemical fixatives. If you want to mold your hair more naturally and say goodbye to frizz, the professional keratin treatment is your best ally.

If you perform a keratin treatment, your hair will be more restructured, with a lot of shine and a smooth effect. It usually softens the curls and enhances the straightening of the hair. In many cases, what we are looking for is a permanent flat, for this, the straightening of keratin is used, which is a variation of the product in the same treatment of keratin, its effect is more powerful and lasting. Thanks to this keratin treatment in Boca Raton, you can have smoother, brighter hair, without frizz and much easier to comb. Let us tell you everything you need to know about the best hair treatment of keratin.

Keratin for hair: what it is and what it is for

Surely you’ve heard about keratin. But do you know what exactly? What is it for? It has benefits? With the help of an expert, we reveal all the secrets of the best treatment for hair: keratin. To unveil secrets and clear up doubts about keratin, which has been talked about for a few years now, we have answers that will help you learn the secrets of this hair treatment.

 What exactly is keratin?

Keratin repairs and nourishes our hair in depth and depending on the type of keratin treatment you choose you can get a more permanent straightening of your hair. The result is astonishing since it prevents you from punishing your hair by smoothing it daily-keeping your hair straight and combed for several months.

Keratin is a protein rich in sulfur that is the fundamental part of the outermost layers of the epidermis and tissues such as nails and hair. It consists of an ample supply of keratin proteins of vegetable or animal origin (wool) to restructure and provide the consistency that the hair has lost in its structure, and it is the reason why it is curling. It is the star treatment for hairs with a tendency to crimp or frizz.

  • Nourishes and restructures all hair naturally.
  • Rebuild the hair fiber.
  • hair is smoother and in turn stronger.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Much easier to comb.
  • Special for curly hair and curls.


What are the differences between smoothing, Brazilian progressive smoothing and treatment?

Smoothing: it consists of applying products with a smoothing base normally formalin or derivatives that change the structure of the hair in which keratin components are added to compensate the chemical action of change of structure with the straightening product.

Brazilian Progressive: products that generate a “second layer” of hair are usually applied, which gives it more consistency and weight, which causes the hair to be caked and smoothed. If successive treatments are applied- this layer increases giving weight and achieving structural changes in the shape of the hair.

Keratin without formaldehyde works?

If you are looking for is a straightening on a curly hair- it does not work. But to eliminate fizziness and relax the curl, it is very useful.

Does natural keratin act on any hair?

It can be applied on all types of hair, but always if you want to restructure and never to smooth.

How long do I have to be in the room for treatment?

Varies by type of hair, amount, length, etc. The average time is between an hour and a half, at least, and up to 4 hours.

Is volume lost in the hair with keratin?

If it is a restructuring treatment, the volume is never lost. This happens when it comes to keratin straightening.

The color, the wicks or reflections before or after?

Everything depends on the type of coloration. In the case of keratin smoothing, by its chemical process, it is possible to clarify at least one tone. In professional keratin treatment, we recommend making the color after 48 hours.


Do I have to be without washing my hair later?

Yes, between 24 and 48 hours.

How often do I have to get a keratin treatment?

Some two or three times a year.

 How long is the treatment?

It varies depending on the case, but it is between two and four months.


What is the difference between the treatment of keratin at home and the salon?

At the salon, experts in these treatments make a previous diagnosis of the type of hair, texture and final style desired. It is necessary to evaluate all the steps of the therapy, from the application form, exposure time, cauterization technique, varying the temperature, pressure and even cauterization tool, all this together with the synergy of the different keratin treatment products that we use according to the case.

We assume that after reading this information, you will know how to choose your keratin. Our final advice: if you want to relax the curl, avoid frizz and add shine, choose a standard treatment. If you’re going to eliminate your curls or flatten your hair, opt for straightening.