What Is Ombré?


Originating in France, “ombré” (pronounced “om-bray”), meaning “shaded”, describes a hair coloring technique where a darker base color is gradually lightened along the lengths, usually starting around mid-way, giving a sun kissed effect.

Unlike traditional foil highlights or all-over color, ombré is a gradient hair color technique that’s typically darker at the roots and seamlessly transitions into a lighter shade at the ends.

The biggest advantage of ombré hair color is that the color doesn’t start all the way at the root. This means you can avoid that harsh root line that happens as color grows out. This means fewer touch-up visits and less money spent at the salon.

If you tend to rock a simple one-length cut but want to spice things up with color, ombré is an ideal choice! The ombré technique works beautifully if you’re mostly just looking to accentuate your natural color. It can easily look subtle if you choose to only go a few shades lighter at the ends. This natural look is sometimes referred to as “sombré,” a softer, subtler version of the trend.

Ombré tends to last for about four to five months. You can help to keep your color looking fresh by not overwashing the hair and using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. If your hair is blonde, you can also use a purple shampoo, which helps to neutralize brassy and yellow tones. If the color becomes too dull or brassy for your liking, return to the salon for a gloss treatment. This will add shine and tone to the hair.

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