How To Get The Hair Color Magic From A Professional Hair Colorist

Best Hair Color Salon

Believe it or not, changing your hair color badges a noticeable change in your personality.  So it is important for you to take recommendation for the best hair color salon in your town, as well as the best hair colorist. Are you ready for the magic? An experience that is magical and stimulating? Have you thought of the desired color or shade for your hair?

Hair colorist: your best ally

The frenzy of having a hair colorist with less waiting time is reserved to change the natural color, to cover gray hair or to give shine and light to the hair. According to the study, 9 out of 10 women change their color at least once in a year. 2 out of 10, change it when they leave a relationship. In the USA, 78% of Americans are blonde, 13% brunettes, 7% chestnut and 2% redheaded. The standard thing until now is that stylists do all kinds of work: cut and color, work hand in hand with fashion experts, product manufacturers and follow international trends with shades worn by celebrities and influencers. Everyone remembers Kim Kardashian’s Ice Blond imitated by thousands of women or the Toffee Hair tones worn by Paula Echevarría, and the infinitely “Instagrammed” Balayage by Sara Carbonero or Jessica Alba.

Nonetheless, keep this in mind- you cannot achieve the desired shade in one go! When the hair colorist work with hair colors dyed black or in dark tones, it is impossible to reach the exact color stages in a single discoloration. The solution is to do several processes, but NOT at the same time! Not even days apart. It should be one each month and with many restructuring treatments in between and of course, as long as the hair has the necessary resistance.


Check out the latest hair color trends in rage!

For neophyte women who are not able to imagine what the capillary color universe does, we stimulate your creativity with terms and techniques that make you value the hair colorist much more than you did until now. 

  • Get perfectly blonde!

Daring to discolor your hair and stroking it totally platinum, it’s quite an experience without doubt. Let the hair colorist invest four to five hours for you to understand that with this blonde look you get pale yellow, pearlescent, colors of the rainbow or unicorn effects. So now you have the advantage to show off a beautiful and contrasted dark root even weeks later. 

  • What is with bio color?

Bio color is the new science. It is known as Vegetal Bio Color where mud and dried plants are crushed to mix with hot water and vegetable oils. This amalgamation on hair multiplies the brightness, closes the cuticle, and also improves the health of the scalp. It does not illuminate your natural tone, but darkens the shade. Much in rage, it is probably the best vegan color in the world that started 15 years ago and today we can say that its use has multiplied by 10. 

  • Cutting-edge Balayage, Shatust, Babylight

Balayage, Shatust, Babylight shades are suggestive names for techniques that look for smooth gradients and gradual transitions from the dark at the root to the extreme light at the tips. It generates smooth effect and movement and does not force to be retouched every month. Attention for all the natural blonde women, the BALAYAGE have triumphed in the last weeks of fashion. It is for blonde women that progressively darken the tip. Upside down!! But with an interesting effect. Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Palermo wear this trend like nobody else.


Why do not I get the exact tone?

If it happens frequently, definitely there is a guide for you and you should follow the recommendations by the hair colorists. We are sure it is of great help.

  • Enemy No. 1: yellow and orange discolorations.

80% of the discoloration services tend to be very yellow since customers always have dyed hair (mainly black, red and some mahoganies that become difficult to discolor). Remember that to obtain the exact tone you need the accurate base. Example 1: if you want to apply an 8.23 (Light Blonde Beige), your discoloration should be at a stage 8. And, if you want to apply a 7.3 (Golden Medium Blonde), your discoloration should be at stage 7.

  • Rinse with dyes.

In this case, when you do not obtain the appropriate coloring stage, it is thought that using a dye with a very high peroxide helps to clarify more and obtain the perfect color result. However, there is nothing more wrong than this. the formula dyes only manage to give a slight nuance that is lost at the first wash.

  • Knowledge of color.

To achieve this exact color, it is essential to be acquainted with colorimetric. It is an extensive topic that professionals take years to master, but these are the first steps for any hair colorist. The results are different depending on the tone you apply. Note that the reflexes are different, and of course, the results always vary depending on the hair.