Why Keratin Treatments Are Forever Trending In Salons

Professional Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that generates our body with a very resistant structure, but from which we produce very little. Thanks to the keratin treatments we can help to repair and nourish our hair from the roots to the tips and also to avoid curling in manes without defined curl. The most outstanding feature of the keratin treatment is the repair of the fibers of the hair, nourishing it from the roots to the ends and giving it a stunning and silky appearance. Also, it protects it from external agents such as dryers, hair irons or chemical fixatives. If you want to mold your hair more naturally and say goodbye to frizz, the professional keratin treatment is your best ally.

If you perform a keratin treatment, your hair will be more restructured, with a lot of shine and a smooth effect. It usually softens the curls and enhances the straightening of the hair. In many cases, what we are looking for is a permanent flat, for this, the straightening of keratin is used, which is a variation of the product in the same treatment of keratin, its effect is more powerful and lasting. Thanks to this keratin treatment in Boca Raton, you can have smoother, brighter hair, without frizz and much easier to comb. Let us tell you everything you need to know about the best hair treatment of keratin.

Keratin for hair: what it is and what it is for

Surely you’ve heard about keratin. But do you know what exactly? What is it for? It has benefits? With the help of an expert, we reveal all the secrets of the best treatment for hair: keratin. To unveil secrets and clear up doubts about keratin, which has been talked about for a few years now, we have answers that will help you learn the secrets of this hair treatment.

 What exactly is keratin?

Keratin repairs and nourishes our hair in depth and depending on the type of keratin treatment you choose you can get a more permanent straightening of your hair. The result is astonishing since it prevents you from punishing your hair by smoothing it daily-keeping your hair straight and combed for several months.

Keratin is a protein rich in sulfur that is the fundamental part of the outermost layers of the epidermis and tissues such as nails and hair. It consists of an ample supply of keratin proteins of vegetable or animal origin (wool) to restructure and provide the consistency that the hair has lost in its structure, and it is the reason why it is curling. It is the star treatment for hairs with a tendency to crimp or frizz.

  • Nourishes and restructures all hair naturally.
  • Rebuild the hair fiber.
  • hair is smoother and in turn stronger.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Much easier to comb.
  • Special for curly hair and curls.


What are the differences between smoothing, Brazilian progressive smoothing and treatment?

Smoothing: it consists of applying products with a smoothing base normally formalin or derivatives that change the structure of the hair in which keratin components are added to compensate the chemical action of change of structure with the straightening product.

Brazilian Progressive: products that generate a “second layer” of hair are usually applied, which gives it more consistency and weight, which causes the hair to be caked and smoothed. If successive treatments are applied- this layer increases giving weight and achieving structural changes in the shape of the hair.

Keratin without formaldehyde works?

If you are looking for is a straightening on a curly hair- it does not work. But to eliminate fizziness and relax the curl, it is very useful.

Does natural keratin act on any hair?

It can be applied on all types of hair, but always if you want to restructure and never to smooth.

How long do I have to be in the room for treatment?

Varies by type of hair, amount, length, etc. The average time is between an hour and a half, at least, and up to 4 hours.

Is volume lost in the hair with keratin?

If it is a restructuring treatment, the volume is never lost. This happens when it comes to keratin straightening.

The color, the wicks or reflections before or after?

Everything depends on the type of coloration. In the case of keratin smoothing, by its chemical process, it is possible to clarify at least one tone. In professional keratin treatment, we recommend making the color after 48 hours.


Do I have to be without washing my hair later?

Yes, between 24 and 48 hours.

How often do I have to get a keratin treatment?

Some two or three times a year.

 How long is the treatment?

It varies depending on the case, but it is between two and four months.


What is the difference between the treatment of keratin at home and the salon?

At the salon, experts in these treatments make a previous diagnosis of the type of hair, texture and final style desired. It is necessary to evaluate all the steps of the therapy, from the application form, exposure time, cauterization technique, varying the temperature, pressure and even cauterization tool, all this together with the synergy of the different keratin treatment products that we use according to the case.

We assume that after reading this information, you will know how to choose your keratin. Our final advice: if you want to relax the curl, avoid frizz and add shine, choose a standard treatment. If you’re going to eliminate your curls or flatten your hair, opt for straightening.



How To Get The Hair Color Magic From A Professional Hair Colorist

Best Hair Color Salon

Believe it or not, changing your hair color badges a noticeable change in your personality.  So it is important for you to take recommendation for the best hair color salon in your town, as well as the best hair colorist. Are you ready for the magic? An experience that is magical and stimulating? Have you thought of the desired color or shade for your hair?

Hair colorist: your best ally

The frenzy of having a hair colorist with less waiting time is reserved to change the natural color, to cover gray hair or to give shine and light to the hair. According to the study, 9 out of 10 women change their color at least once in a year. 2 out of 10, change it when they leave a relationship. In the USA, 78% of Americans are blonde, 13% brunettes, 7% chestnut and 2% redheaded. The standard thing until now is that stylists do all kinds of work: cut and color, work hand in hand with fashion experts, product manufacturers and follow international trends with shades worn by celebrities and influencers. Everyone remembers Kim Kardashian’s Ice Blond imitated by thousands of women or the Toffee Hair tones worn by Paula Echevarría, and the infinitely “Instagrammed” Balayage by Sara Carbonero or Jessica Alba.

Nonetheless, keep this in mind- you cannot achieve the desired shade in one go! When the hair colorist work with hair colors dyed black or in dark tones, it is impossible to reach the exact color stages in a single discoloration. The solution is to do several processes, but NOT at the same time! Not even days apart. It should be one each month and with many restructuring treatments in between and of course, as long as the hair has the necessary resistance.


Check out the latest hair color trends in rage!

For neophyte women who are not able to imagine what the capillary color universe does, we stimulate your creativity with terms and techniques that make you value the hair colorist much more than you did until now. 

  • Get perfectly blonde!

Daring to discolor your hair and stroking it totally platinum, it’s quite an experience without doubt. Let the hair colorist invest four to five hours for you to understand that with this blonde look you get pale yellow, pearlescent, colors of the rainbow or unicorn effects. So now you have the advantage to show off a beautiful and contrasted dark root even weeks later. 

  • What is with bio color?

Bio color is the new science. It is known as Vegetal Bio Color where mud and dried plants are crushed to mix with hot water and vegetable oils. This amalgamation on hair multiplies the brightness, closes the cuticle, and also improves the health of the scalp. It does not illuminate your natural tone, but darkens the shade. Much in rage, it is probably the best vegan color in the world that started 15 years ago and today we can say that its use has multiplied by 10. 

  • Cutting-edge Balayage, Shatust, Babylight

Balayage, Shatust, Babylight shades are suggestive names for techniques that look for smooth gradients and gradual transitions from the dark at the root to the extreme light at the tips. It generates smooth effect and movement and does not force to be retouched every month. Attention for all the natural blonde women, the BALAYAGE have triumphed in the last weeks of fashion. It is for blonde women that progressively darken the tip. Upside down!! But with an interesting effect. Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Palermo wear this trend like nobody else.


Why do not I get the exact tone?

If it happens frequently, definitely there is a guide for you and you should follow the recommendations by the hair colorists. We are sure it is of great help.

  • Enemy No. 1: yellow and orange discolorations.

80% of the discoloration services tend to be very yellow since customers always have dyed hair (mainly black, red and some mahoganies that become difficult to discolor). Remember that to obtain the exact tone you need the accurate base. Example 1: if you want to apply an 8.23 (Light Blonde Beige), your discoloration should be at a stage 8. And, if you want to apply a 7.3 (Golden Medium Blonde), your discoloration should be at stage 7.

  • Rinse with dyes.

In this case, when you do not obtain the appropriate coloring stage, it is thought that using a dye with a very high peroxide helps to clarify more and obtain the perfect color result. However, there is nothing more wrong than this. the formula dyes only manage to give a slight nuance that is lost at the first wash.

  • Knowledge of color.

To achieve this exact color, it is essential to be acquainted with colorimetric. It is an extensive topic that professionals take years to master, but these are the first steps for any hair colorist. The results are different depending on the tone you apply. Note that the reflexes are different, and of course, the results always vary depending on the hair.

Are You In Search Of A Professional Hair Stylist? Find the ONE!

Professional Hair Stylist

In search of a professional hair stylist? We give you some useful tips to make it easier for you to guess if you are thinking of changing hairdresser. ‘What hairdresser do you recommend? ‘I’ve been told about this hairdresser- do you think I’ll like it?’ These are some of the most common questions we overhear. And it is not easy to find our ideal hair stylist. The first thing- the desirable palate! Sometimes, we when we are testing hairdressers, it seems that the stylist and we spoke different languages. We do not understand each other and try hard to explain what we want, even if it’s very clear. With the help of the experts of hairdressing salons, we are going to give you a series of tips so that, next time, you get it right!

  1. Understand yourself with the hairdresser

Many of you know the trends by heart thanks to websites and style magazines, we do not always have clear terms. But, do you know what cut will suit your face? Is it a bob, degraded or wavy? Maybe not! Hence, when the hairdresser finishes, you end up with an unsatisfactory cut that was not what you expected. Therefore, instead of using terms that you may not control, explain just what you like and what you do not. Your hair stylist will understand and try to be more precise about cutting, combing, etc. It is always good to dedicate a few minutes of dialogue with the hairdresser, clarifying from the beginning all the doubts and allowing you also to work more confident in what you are going to do. Keep in mind that a good professional does not start cutting without first studying the features, the texture of the hair and the personal style of each woman. Before making an appointment, you can also accompany a friend to see if she convinces you.

  1. If you hit the nail on the head, be faithful!

Always go to the same hairdresser, once we have full confidence in them. It is essential, since hair stylists need time to get to know you, your hair, your tastes, etc. to satisfy you. Also, ask your stylist for different hair care products in the market that can help you take care of your hair.

  1. Never decide on the fly

Any change is a risk if you have not meditated before. Fortunately, the hair grows, and it is moldable, but better to take it clear. If you have doubts, you can show some photos with the chosen hairstyle or cut, since an image says more than a thousand words. The same at the time of entering a hairdressing salon do not get involved in the first one you find, without first investigating a bit. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to carry out small field research to select the professional hair stylist who can best adapt to your style and personality.

  1. Listen to your stylist

Keep in mind that he/she is the expert and you are in their hands! Your advice can be handy in case the chosen cut is not right for your face or for the quality of your hair or the little time you have to fix it. It is also crucial that you know that both a good cut and a good color enhance your image, but they do not work miracles, so you do not have to ask for the impossible either. Not always the cut that you like the most is the one that favors you the most. 

  1. And, after?

Do not leave the salon without being sure you know how to recreate the hairstyle at home -how to comb it and how to keep it- unless you are willing to go to the hairdresser to wash and mark three times a week. Most of the times after specific treatments, you may feel dry hair. Ask your stylist to recommend you the best shampoo for dry, damaged hair.


What it takes to become a professional celebrity stylist

In recent years, professional stylists have come out of the wings to become full-fledged stars. You can look for Kate Young, the stylist of Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson and Margot Robbie, with 300k followers only on Instagram. Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski, with their television shows in which they unravel how they approach red carpets. But glamorous as it seems to be the person responsible for the red carpet looks of actresses or a fabulous fashion editorial in a chic magazine, will confess that the daily demands of this craft are far from such presumption.

10 Foolproof Tips To Get The Perfect Bridal Makeup Look Of The Season

Bridal Make-up Artist in Boca Raton

The expert bridal make-up artists from across the world reveals to us the best bridal makeup looks from the runway. Are you ready as we show the golden rules to get a flawless bridal makeup for your big day?

If you opt for professional makeup, take tests

Make the makeup test for the day so you can see the look with natural light, and put on a clear top to see how the makeup looks with a color similar to that of your wedding dress and without dark tones.

Choose your makeup kit well

If you are going to make up the best bridal makeup kit yourself, choose the base in advance but do not buy it until the wedding is close to ensure that the makeup tone resembles as closely as possible to your skin. Also, take care that the mascara is fresh for the day of the wedding. It is essential that you have a lip balm because the nerves, emotion and champagne can dry your lips and you need a touch from time to time to soften and moisturize them.

Do not let the trends drag yourself

In bridal makeup, it is better to forget about patterns. A bride always has to be the best version of herself, and that makes makeup vary according to each woman. Open yourself to new ideas and try different things!

Not just choosing the dress, the shoes or the veil is enough for the big day. We cannot forget the hair and skin to complement and give the final touch to your bridal look. Therefore, we bring you the ten bridal trends 2018 in makeup and hairstyles.

  1. Strobing is all!

This makeup technique focuses on giving light to some regions of the face to highlight them. In this way, a glowing, juicy and full of life skin is achieved.

  1. Nude is not NEW

Forget the heavy contouring and see that freshly washed face, you’ll love it. Also, you can get the best version of yourself. Smooth, beautiful skin without excessive layers of makeup is achieved using neutral tones according to each skin type.

  1. Bold Red Lips

Look for highlight with powerful red lips. Be daring and try it! This color contrasts with your wedding dress and makes you look divine. To achieve this look, first you must exfoliate your lips to remove all those annoying scrapes from the skin, then hydrate them with a balm or ointment. Subsequently, with a red pencil delineates the corners of your lips and then fill. Finally, apply your lipstick and seal it with translucent powders. 

  1. Oh, the Smokey eyes!

It is one of the favorite styles of the season. Also, the smoky look in your eyes gives you an air of mystery and sensuality. It can be discreet, almost like a small shadow or much more ornate. Also, there are plenty of combinations, from black or dark grey, to classic warm tones such as coffee and peaches. 

  1. Thick and bushy eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face, and now the trendiest thing is to take the dark and dense. For example, follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and fill it with a pencil of the same tone or an ointment with color. However, if your eyebrows are already quite populated, try better with a gel fixer to add volume and fill in those small holes. 

  1. Do THE Gloss!

The shine on the lips returned! The lip gloss gives your lips a natural look and makes you look younger. Combine this trend with strobing for a winning duo.

  1. Do not go with the layers

For a bridal makeup natural look, do not do coats! There is a false belief that bridal makeup has to be thicker than usual – especially the base, but it is not true. Some of the prettiest bride looks are based on the skin looking natural shine and blush and looking slightly lustrous. To obtain a durable base without appearing caked, a retouching powder is used.

  1. The corrector is your friend

Many times brides are especially careful not to overdo the dark circles, but this is the only time we recommend opting for more coverage than usual. The pigmentation under the eyes makes you look tired and weird. 

  1. Do not do without the blusher

For bridal makeup for the wedding, the product that every bride should consider is rouge. It can enhance any skin tone. However, the modern touch of color on the cheeks – can put the icing on a brighter look with the healthiest flush.

  1. Hollywood style waves

The waves to the water are another classic that comes back to stay, whether in short, long or medium hair, they are super flattering and elegant on your wedding day. Use soft waves like those seen on the runway. These give you a relaxed look, without having to worry about whether you get your hair up or not. Also, they are ideal for an outdoor wedding too.

5 Treatments That Your Dry Hair Will Appreciate

Hair treatment for dry hair

If you have dry and lifeless hair try to improve your diet and hydration for hair treatment for dry hair. It is time to include dry hair treatment products in your weekly routine with some masks and natural oils to nourish it in depth. These 5 hair conditioning tips are the ones you should apply if you want to stop hair loss or are anxious to figure out the best treatment for dry hair this season. Do not despair: here you have treatments that your dry hair will appreciate.

How to nourish dry hair

Controlling dry hair is a problem for many. It curls, gets tangled, breaks or even opens the tips. Dry hair is due to hereditary factors, but also to the mistreatment we give it. The hair is born in the hair follicle. This hair follicle reaches the bloodstream with the elements that nourish the hair, and the sebaceous glands provide the fact that lubricates the hair. The problem is that, often, we attempt against that balance. The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, undergoes erosions by the chemical treatments that we apply. The hair becomes dry and loses shine because the external abrasive agents destroy the capillary fat that covers it. However, with the following treatments for your dry hair, you can help it recover. Witness how essential oils can do wonders for dry, brittle strands. You can look for oils in dry hair treatment products for daily use.

  1. Argan oil

This oil is obtained from the nuts of the argan tree. The fruit of this tree is dried in the sun. The seed is extracted manually, and cold pressed. The result is a light golden oil, with a soft smell, which is why it is called “the gold of the desert”. Argan oil has many uses, both edible and cosmetic. It is of the treatments that your dry hair will thank because it helps you to recover the shine and the humidity. It can be applied directly to hair or skin and does not leave a greasy feeling. Look for a product that contains 100% pure argan oil. 

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the treatments that your dry hair will love. The saturated fats that compose it are an ideal nutrient to restore moisture and shine that is lost by chemicals and extreme temperatures. Also, it promotes hair growth. This oil can be used together with the conditioner after washing or in the combs for combing. It can also be applied directly on the scalp that suffers from chronic dryness. Apply a small amount of coconut oil on the tips of your fingers and work a gentle massage on the entire head.

  1. Sesame oil

Pressed and crushed sesame seeds release oil is highly valuable in Asian cuisine. It also has excellent medicinal properties against prostate cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. As if that were not enough, it is very beneficial for the skin and hair. Use this oil to massage the hair and scalp. It combats dryness, dandruff and hair loss. Your hair will grow healthy and shiny with this sesame oil treatment.

  1. Peanut oil

Peanut oil has a composition similar to olive oil and provides the same hydration and restructuring benefits to damaged hair. Helps fight the loss of hair proteins, thickens the strand and provides moisture to the split ends. You can prepare this oil at home. Take note.


  • 3 cups peanuts without shell (450 g)
  • Three tablespoons of warm water (45 ml)


  • Soak the peanuts until you can remove the peel.
  • Place the peanuts in the blender with three tablespoons of water.
  • Process at full speed until you get a cream.
  • Take it to the fridge for a day. The oil will separate from the peanut mixture.

Nourish the ends of the hair with the oil and, if you wish, salt the rest to obtain homemade peanut butter. 

  1. Avocado and wheat germ oil concoction

This combination of avocado and wheat germ oil is beneficial. It is the treatments that your dry hair will appreciate. Growth will also stimulate growth. The avocado has essential fats and essential nutrients. Wheat germ oil is rich in zinc and vitamin B, so it is an ally for the health and beauty of your hair, skin and nails.  Make your organic bottle at home.


  • One ripe avocado
  • One tablespoon of wheat germ oil (15 ml)


  • Grind the avocado in the blender with the wheat germ oil.
  • Apply this cream on the hair and let it act for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove it with enough water.

Ideally, apply it once a week.

Applying any of these best treatment for dry hair or masks is not enough until and unless you correct your diet and intake. Avoid oily food.  Having dry hair does not have to limit you when it comes to wearing a beautiful and healthy mane.

Remember the following recommendations for hair:

  • Avoid washing your hair every day.
  • Use suitable products for your hair type.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair dryers or hot irons.
  • Avoid the application of products that contain alcohol or excessive perfumes.
  • Take care of your diet The health of your hair benefits when you consume protein and vitamin E.
  • Drink water. If you complain about your dry hair, but you do not drink enough water per day, do you think it’s logical?