Perfect Bridal Makeup

10 Foolproof Tips To Get The Perfect Bridal Makeup Look Of The Season

Bridal Make-up Artist in Boca Raton

The expert bridal make-up artists from across the world reveals to us the best bridal makeup looks from the runway. Are you ready as we show the golden rules to get a flawless bridal makeup for your big day?

If you opt for professional makeup, take tests

Make the makeup test for the day so you can see the look with natural light, and put on a clear top to see how the makeup looks with a color similar to that of your wedding dress and without dark tones.

Choose your makeup kit well

If you are going to make up the best bridal makeup kit yourself, choose the base in advance but do not buy it until the wedding is close to ensure that the makeup tone resembles as closely as possible to your skin. Also, take care that the mascara is fresh for the day of the wedding. It is essential that you have a lip balm because the nerves, emotion and champagne can dry your lips and you need a touch from time to time to soften and moisturize them.

Do not let the trends drag yourself

In bridal makeup, it is better to forget about patterns. A bride always has to be the best version of herself, and that makes makeup vary according to each woman. Open yourself to new ideas and try different things!

Not just choosing the dress, the shoes or the veil is enough for the big day. We cannot forget the hair and skin to complement and give the final touch to your bridal look. Therefore, we bring you the ten bridal trends 2018 in makeup and hairstyles.

  1. Strobing is all!

This makeup technique focuses on giving light to some regions of the face to highlight them. In this way, a glowing, juicy and full of life skin is achieved.

  1. Nude is not NEW

Forget the heavy contouring and see that freshly washed face, you’ll love it. Also, you can get the best version of yourself. Smooth, beautiful skin without excessive layers of makeup is achieved using neutral tones according to each skin type.

  1. Bold Red Lips

Look for highlight with powerful red lips. Be daring and try it! This color contrasts with your wedding dress and makes you look divine. To achieve this look, first you must exfoliate your lips to remove all those annoying scrapes from the skin, then hydrate them with a balm or ointment. Subsequently, with a red pencil delineates the corners of your lips and then fill. Finally, apply your lipstick and seal it with translucent powders. 

  1. Oh, the Smokey eyes!

It is one of the favorite styles of the season. Also, the smoky look in your eyes gives you an air of mystery and sensuality. It can be discreet, almost like a small shadow or much more ornate. Also, there are plenty of combinations, from black or dark grey, to classic warm tones such as coffee and peaches. 

  1. Thick and bushy eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face, and now the trendiest thing is to take the dark and dense. For example, follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and fill it with a pencil of the same tone or an ointment with color. However, if your eyebrows are already quite populated, try better with a gel fixer to add volume and fill in those small holes. 

  1. Do THE Gloss!

The shine on the lips returned! The lip gloss gives your lips a natural look and makes you look younger. Combine this trend with strobing for a winning duo.

  1. Do not go with the layers

For a bridal makeup natural look, do not do coats! There is a false belief that bridal makeup has to be thicker than usual – especially the base, but it is not true. Some of the prettiest bride looks are based on the skin looking natural shine and blush and looking slightly lustrous. To obtain a durable base without appearing caked, a retouching powder is used.

  1. The corrector is your friend

Many times brides are especially careful not to overdo the dark circles, but this is the only time we recommend opting for more coverage than usual. The pigmentation under the eyes makes you look tired and weird. 

  1. Do not do without the blusher

For bridal makeup for the wedding, the product that every bride should consider is rouge. It can enhance any skin tone. However, the modern touch of color on the cheeks – can put the icing on a brighter look with the healthiest flush.

  1. Hollywood style waves

The waves to the water are another classic that comes back to stay, whether in short, long or medium hair, they are super flattering and elegant on your wedding day. Use soft waves like those seen on the runway. These give you a relaxed look, without having to worry about whether you get your hair up or not. Also, they are ideal for an outdoor wedding too.